Facebook Messenger for Automotive Dealers

Here are a couple of quick reasons to use Facebook messenger instead of your current automotive dealership chat solution. Using messenger has a few advantages over the current live chat providers in the automotive industry. A big one is it is FREE and connected to one of the largest automotive marketplaces to display and market your dealership inventory also for FREE. Those are two great reasons to continue reading the blog to learn more.

Advantage #1

Facebook messenger offers instant personalization since Facebook will already recognize your shopper if they are logged into their Facebook account and on your website. Personalization matters in today’s competitive automotive landscape and this is a FREE advantage over your competitors who are stuck in the past.

This means shoppers don’t have to enter their name to start a conversation on your dealership website, and you never have to ask for their name since you have it from the start. This type of friction reduction helps to create more conversations with better data from the start.

Bonus you can create a Facebook audience to include everyone who chats with your dealership using messenger for continuous conversational marketing.

Advantage #2

Facebook Messenger for automotive also enables you and your shopper to continue the conversation after leaving the dealership website. Please think about the competitive advantage of that especially when a lead ghosts you.

We all know that happens far more than we want it too.

You can reach back out to anyone who started a chat with you on Facebook Messenger. You can't do that via a standard live chat on your dealership website.

When you have an automotive live chat on your website, and the shopper leaves without engaging or even if they did submit their information, the follow up has to happen in an alternative channel like email, call, or text.

This continuity break always hurts conversion by adding another level of friction. By keeping it on Facebook within messenger you can keep the conversation alive and moving towards a test drive and sale.

Advantage #3

You can leverage bot technology to enable your Facebook Messenger account to work after-hours for your dealership conversations. The best part is you can do all of this using an omnichannel messaging platform for your dealership. Now is the best time to put conversational commerce to work for your dealership.

Next, read why texting is also changing the landscape for dealerships looking to connect up faster and keep the conversation moving towards a sale at the dealership.

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