About Us.

While we may be a communication technology company developed in one’s and zeros, we’re really in the trust business

The dealerships who come to us for help are relying on our technology to make their business work and add impact to the customer experience and the bottom line.

As such, dealerships want more that just a technology provider, they want a true partner devoted to their success.

This means that while experience matters, chemistry matters more.

If the dealership and its technology provider don’t click, the relationship won’t stick.

Our story.

DealerTxt believes that combining automation into a process, accelerates the consistency of that process and that results in success.  

We didn’t invent texting and we didn’t invent equity mining in the service drive, we just made it easier and more efficient.  

Our founders, Todd Smith and Mike McFall combined have decades of automotive experience. Both Todd and Mike recognize that most dealerships weren’t consistently engaging their service customers in a conversation about selling their vehicle. What better source of pre-owned inventory is there than your existing customers with vehicles you are familiar with?  

Using the automation of texting was the perfect fit to easily uncover customers interested in selling.