360Converge is Now Dealertxt to More Closely Align with Importance of Texting and Automation in Automotive Industry

Orlando, FL, January 11, 2023 –Today Dealertxt, the leading provider of text automation strategies for success in vehicle acquisition, sales and service, announced a rebrand of their existing 360Converge communication platform and website.

Previously known as 360Converge, Dealertxt’s SalesDrive solution automatically targets customers coming in for service and automates texts so dealers acquire more vehicles from their service drive every day. Dealerships using this automation technology see a 20-23% increase of customer engagement and are purchasing 10-20 vehicles directly from their own customers.

“We decided to rebrand 360Converge to more closely align with our sweet spot in this market, helping dealers acquire vehicles from their service drive with something they use every day, their phone,” said Todd Smith, CEO of Dealertxt. “Currently dealerships using SalesDrive are texting directly with interested customers through automated systems. There is no longer a need for them to log-in to different systems to execute top-funnel leads... The system automatically leads customers into the transaction. We feel the name Dealertxt better showcases how powerful our automated texting solution is for current partners and prospects.”

One of the benefits of the Dealertxt platform is it takes away the need for yet another log-in or workplan for dealership staff to execute. The process happens through automated processes daily, and only when interested customers enter the transactional funnel.

In addition to acquisitions, dealers are using Dealertxt for prepaid maintenance and extended service contracts, as well as turning more inventory, and delivering the right message at the right time to each customer. Dealertxt gives today’s digital consumers the personalized experience and faster access to information they have come to expect in automotive transactions.

For more information on Dealertxt, please visit www.dealertxt.com

About Dealertxt:

At Dealertxt we didn’t invent texting and we didn’t invent equity mining in the service drive, we just made it easier and more efficient. Our founders, Todd Smith and Mike McFall, realize that most dealerships are not consistently engaging their service customers in a conversation about selling their vehicle. With this knowledge, Dealertxt was created. What better source of pre-owned inventory than your existing customers? Find out more about how Dealertxt helps drive your vehicle acquisitions and sales, automatically, by visiting www.dealertext.com.


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